Data Purchase

What You Receive

Getting the File: After you submit your credit card payment to (via our parent company EMERgency 24, Inc.), we will email you a unique URL which you will use to download the website ranking data list. If you made your purchase on a weekend or after business hours (17:00 GTM-06:00), you should typically receive the download URL during the next business day.

File Size: The data will be provided in a ZIP compressed comma-delimited text file. The compressed ZIP file is about 20MB and the uncompressed CSV file is about 60MB. Therefore, you must have a broadband Internet connection to successfully download the file.

Using the File: Since Excel supports only up to 65,536 rows, while website ranking data file contains over 800,000 records, you will need to open the text file with some other program to see all of the records. Your technical department should be able to import the data into a database system such as MySQL, MS Access, or SQL Server.

$495 One-time purchase of current data