Modifying Data

Modifying the information that has associated with your site takes only a few minutes of your time. Just follow along with the steps outlined below.

Step 1: Open the Database

Enter the security code as shown to gain access.

Step 2: Search For Your Listing

Enter the database and search for your website where it says "Search for a site". When your site is returned, select (click) your website domain name under the column "Domain". The information has in its database for the site will appear on a new page. To update this information, select the link titled "Modify your Information here" within the "Webmaster Information" Section.

Step 3: Modify Your Listing

Section #1:  Modify Website Details
 Provide as much information as you wish to make public. Changes and additions will be accepted only if they can be verified through an email address published on the URL you intended to modify. If you experience difficulty in modifying the details of your website, please visit the support section.

Section #2  Modify Website Category
  Search for and select your website category in the second section of the details modification form. Browse categories by clicking on the category names or search for a category using keywords or domains that are relevant to that category. There is an enormous array of subjects to choose from. You should pick the single most relevant category for your site. If you select an inappropriate or unrelated category, our editors will manually reassign your site to the category we deem appropriate.

Once you have made your selection, click the "Select" button. If none of the available categories seem appropriate, please select the closest available category and click here to suggest a new category to be added under the one you are currently viewing.

Section # 3  Third-Party Validation
  Communicate the integrity of your online business so consumers can trust you. Enter the third-party validation company (companies) that help your website build trust and improve its overall image. Enter the URL of the page which displays the actual seal within the available field.

Section # 4  Optional Fields For Modification

Search Terms to Find Your Business Category
In order of relevancy, enter the eight best search terms visitors use to find your organization's category (not your site). For instance, if you are a tennis magazine, use "tennis magazine" or "tennis news" instead of the word, "tennis".

Provide Adjunct Categories
Enter categories of adjunct business using the system. Completing this optional Section will help surfers find your site through "related" searches.

Enter Search Terms Unique to Your Website
Enter up to eight search terms that identify your niche category or business. Enter in order of importance the keywords and key-phrases that make your website unique.

Section # 5  Save Changes

Once you've filled out the form, simply save the changes. Your information will be revised when we update the database; usually around the 15th of each month. If you encounter errors during the modification process, please contact the support staff.

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