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# 6 How often is the database updated? updates its database every month (around the 15th). The data is cumulative from the previous twelve (12) months. Keep in mind that these are not the ACTUAL numbers for the website, but instead are based on visits from our sample group. We currently track over 200,000+ surfers using our BrowserAccelerator toolbar.

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# 36 Why don't you update more often?

In order to provide statistically relevant information to our users, updates its data around the 15th of every month.The data is cumulative from the previous twelve (12) months. Keep in mind that these are not the ACTUAL numbers for the website, but instead are based on visits from our sample group. The reason for this is that while our 200,000+ member sample group consistently visit the most popular sites on the Web, they visit less popular sites less often. In order to provide the most accurate popularity results for all of the Internet domains listed at, a 30-day period has been determined to be sufficient for our users to aggregate a significant amount of data to appropriately display a sites overall popularity ranking.

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# 56 Why is all the information the same after a certain point? acknowledges the similarity of results after a certain point in the listings. With a sample size of just over 200,000 users, sites with lower rankings have been visited only a handful of times. As a result it is necessary to make mathematical adjustments to the data to properly reflect what is actually happening with listed sites' statistics. This complex statistical modification solution enables us to accommodate our smaller sample size while maintaining accurate popularity ranking data.

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# 55 How do you gather results? provides the relative popularity ranking of the top 1,000,000 websites on the Internet according to traffic metrics such as the number of links pointing to the site, the number of unique visitors, page views and visits that each site receives. This relative popularity ranking is calculated by measuring the online behavior of over 200,000+ web users who use our browser toolbar - does not intend to provide the actual statistics for each site, but instead, insights into how websites compare with each other according to these popular metrics. 

Our methodology is very similar to the AC Nielsen statistics.  AC Nielsen tracks a group of 1,300 viewers to rate each program.  The difference is that while AC Nielsen only rates a few hundred choices, BrowserAccelerator is tracking 200,000+ web users who have millions of web pages to choose from to visit.  Our accuracy is high in the top rankings.  We continue to increase the number of BrowserAccelerator users by an average of 3,000 per month making our statistics more accurate each day.

If a site does not appear within our rankings it simply means that a member of our statistical sample (200,000 users) has not yet visited that site. Once they do, the website is added to the database. At the current time, we are unable to "add" your site unless it is visited by a member of the sample group.

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# 85 What time frame are your statistics based on?

Our rankings are based on data collected from the previous twelve (12) months,with new information updated around the 15th of each month.

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