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# 13 Can I buy a better ranking from does not offer a way to buy or purchase an improved traffic rank. The only way to increase your rank is to do the things that make your website popular on the Web. By doing so, your site will be visited by the 200,000 people that follows as they move about the Internet. The information these users generate helps build the market research data provided at

Webmasters are able to add their website details without the site being ranked. Only when members of the statistical sample visit a site will it be included within the database of the most popular sites.

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# 68 How do I get listed on

New Page 1 Websites are unable to "register" and appear on Your site must be visited in the previous month by a member of our 200,000 sample group of BrowserAccelerator toolbar users in order to appear within the database. Updates to rankings occur every month with data from the previous 180 days.

  1. Visit
  2. Enter the website url in the search box under "Enter a url to see its rank" in the top right corner of the page.
  3. Enter the security code and >go
  4. Next you will select your website by clicking "site info" next to the url of your choice.

If your site was previously ranked, be sure to click on your domain to view the details for your website. 

We offer the following promotional services that may increase your rank by driving more visitors to your website:
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# 94 Can I combine the stats of two URLs that are virtually the same website? bases its statistics on unique website *domains* that are visited by our sample of surfers. While some people visit one site while others visit another, these two sites remain two distinct records in the database. There is currently no way for to combine both of them into one general ranking

In addition, we allow seals to be displayed on websites for and for our other services. It would be a breach of security if we allowed one domain's seal to be placed on a different domain. For this reason, we must keep all domains separate.

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# 14 Why should I categorize my site at

By placing your site in the correct category at, your site will receive all of the benefits our array of services provide. The information you enter in our form is used to accurately analyze your popularity against related sites. Categorizing your site will also improve your TrustGauge score, thus improving the perceived trustworthiness of your website. You can see the TrustGauge score and rating of every site you visit right from your browser by downloading the BrowserAccelerator toolbar

To categorize your website, conduct a search for your site at and select your site name (URL). Follow the instructions provided and complete the form. Make sure to include your business category. 

Even if your site is not currently ranked, the information you enter will be added the moment your website is visited by a member of our sample group. 

For additional details, visit:

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# 41 Why isn't my website ranked? ranks the top 1,000,000 web sites on the Internet. The data is based on the surfing habits of our 200,000+ sample of Internet surfers. If our users do not visit your site within in the measurement period, your site will not be ranked and thus not appear in our listings. To make the list of the top 1,000,000 sites, you must increase your site's popularity with surfers.

To update your site details without currently being ranked, add your URL now. is part of a network of Internet business related sites that provide a suite of promotional services that may increase your overall popularity rank by driving more visitors to your site:
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SpiderBait is a search engine optimization company that helps clients increase traffic to their website by generating traffic through non-sponsored listings at popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, AOL, MSN, Lycos and many others. For more information visit

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# 99 What steps can I take to improve my ranking?

One suggestion to improve your website's ranking on is to download the BrowserAccelerator toolbar to your own computers as well as refer the toolbar to your site surfers.  A website's ranking is determined by the unique visitors to a website.  The more surfers you refer to download the BrowserAccelerator toolbar, the more unique visitors we track and the higher your ranking will be.  Keep in mind that website owners cannot manipulate our numbers.  We have security measures in place so that a website owner cannot keep visiting their own website to improve rankings.  We track each unique surfer one time.

To learn more about the BrowserAccelerator toolbar, visit

Or, Download the BrowserAccelerator toolbar now.

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