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# 86 Why are the number of links pointing to my website different on Ranking than on Google?

The number of links displayed for each website will not be exact because some search engines regularly deny's request to access this information. Since each website's link popularity is based on some search engines standard indexing, the relative and proportionate number is correct in determining a generic statistical ranking.

# 72 How can I determine actual page views based on my ranking with

Unfortunately, it is impossible to give users an exact number of page views, unique visits, links or visits. recommends installing a "hit counter" on your website and web pages such as the one AddFreeStats provides.

# 87 Can I search for a website by country? users can search for websites by Country. To do this simply follow the steps below. 1) Visit 2) Click "View the Rankings" at the top left hand side of the page. 2) Enter the security code and click "go" 4) Click on the "Country" tab at the top of the next page. 5) Choose the country in the scrolling menu box and search for a particular site or view the complete list starting at a specific number.

# 76 Why is the URL I stated my email address is posted on not accepted when submitted?

Be sure that the email address is not posted in an encrypted format. The crawler cannot read the code when it is posted in this manner. recommends creating a seperate, non-public page with only the 'click-able' email address available. This page needs to reside on the actual domain of the website being modified for the SiteDetails form to accept your change/modification submission.

# 43 My site is hosted free. Will rank my subdomain or full path?

Unfortunately, only ranks domains, not individual pages within domains. The only way to be ranked is to have your own domain.

# 38 How can I use the data on my site?

There are several ways to use the data on your website. While thousands of our visitors use the data to research and measure their overall online success, the most popular way to use the information is the Seal which can be placed in website pages to display a sites' overall and category popularity. Websites are allowed to publish customized sections of the data for free (with proper attribution).

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