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# 69 I received a confirmation e-mail for changes I did not make. What should I do? sends out confirmation e-mails whenever a user changes the contact details of their web site. This e-mail is a security feature to ensure that the only people who can successfully change this information are the proprietors of the web site or those individuals authorized to make/request changes. If you did not personally make the changes, simply delete the e-mail WITHOUT clicking on the link. We then suggest that you check the information that is on file at, make any appropriate changes and notify a member of the Support Staff at

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# 95 The form will not accept my URL.

The software is currently designed to only accept website addresses or URLs in a standard format.

Example of a URL in standard format:
Please make any necessary changes to the Web address submitted to be in a simple standard format and resubmit your Ranking Site Details using the online form.

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# 24 Why won't the form accept my information?

Please accept our apologies for any problems you have had in updating your website details. In order to verify that you actually own or operate the site you are attempting to modify details for, you must have an active email address posted on a public or private page. You may be receiving this error because our system cannot locate an active email link on your site. This typically results when the page containing the email address submitted uses special coding to “hide” the email address. For this reason, please create a blank page posted somewhere on your website with an active, “clickable” email address without any special coding as follows:  

<a href=""></a>.

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# 21 How "detailed" should the site details be?

We suggest that you fully complete the information because the more you provide about your enterprise, the more legitimate your site will appear in the minds of the Internet public. If you choose, we will keep your e-mail completely confidential and unpublished.

In addition,the more detailed the information you provide the greater the opportunity you have to receive a higher Trust Score.

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# 22 Do I have to make my information public?

You do not have to, but it is strongly recommended to get a more complete ranking and to improve your legitimacy in the eyes of the surfing public. We need your e-mail address only for confirmation, and we will gladly keep it confidential if you check the box requesting this.

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