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# 81 Is spyware? in no way utilizes spyware for any of its services. The methodology we employ is a statistical sampling based on the user behavior of over 200,000 Internet users. These users carry a freeware toolbar that they utilize through a rigorous opt-in process, which means that they choose to help us gather information and have the ability to opt-out and disable the tool at any time. Furthermore, does not collect any personally identifiable information, which is what spyware intends to do. is a free service that measures only the overall popularity and essential metrics related to the most trafficked sites on the Web.

# 93 Can I purchase the complete Ranking database?

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Our cost is $495 for the entire Ranking list delivered via the web by ftp access or a zipped excel file. The file contains the domains and each rank, no website details are included in this list. If you are interested in purchasing our Ranking list please visit to begin the transaction. 

Please note: users are also able to reproduce the rankings at no charge for up to ten different categories. For example, if you publish any of the following categories below in your website, it will count as one category.

- The top 100 most visited or most popular real estate websites.
- The 50 most linked-to websites on the Internet.
- The top ten Las Vegas websites with the most traffic.
- The top ten most visited self-storage sites in Europe.
- The best and most popular websites in Chicago.

To help reproduce top ten or top 100 lists for a group or industry, make sure to use the ADVANCED feature within the report. This will allow the entire list of URLs to be entered at once. The software will then return the sites already ranked. To save time, save the URL list into a text file like MS Word or Outlook Notes then paste the information into our tool on a monthly basis to reproduce the updated ranking for your publication.

Requirements to Reproduce:  You must acknowledge the origin of the information as from with an embedded link to the site. The following phrase must be included: 

The marketing research data necessary to produce this report is provided FREE by

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# 52 How accurate is the data?

New Page 1 provides the relative popularity ranking of the top 900,000 websites on the Internet according to traffic metrics such as the number of links pointing to the site and the websites category rank. This relative popularity ranking is calculated by measuring the online behavior of over 200,000 web users who use our browser toolbar does not intend to provide the actual statistics for each site. Instead, it provides insight into how websites compare with each other according to these popular metrics.

Our methodology is very similar to the AC Nielsen statistics. AC Nielsen tracks a group of viewers to rate each program. The difference is that while AC Nielsen only rates a few hundred choices, BrowserAccelerator is tracking over 200,000 web users who have millions of web pages to choose from to visit. Our rankings are accurate in the higher positions but generally less accurate as you near the 900,000 site mark. We continue to increase the number of BrowserAccelerator users by an average of 3,000 per month making our statistics more accurate each day.

# 96 How do you calculate links that point to a website?

We currently use Yahoo Site Explorer to determine the number of links pointing to site included in the database. We encourage you to visit and do a search for

For example, to determine the number of links pointing to, we would conduct a search on for:
Note: There is no www. before the domain name

At the date of the search (11/26/07), had 19,300 links.

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# 78 How do I generate the entire list starting with the #1-ranked website by

Once you have entered the security code to obtain access to the rankings, choose the second option "View the complete list starting at ranking number: 1" to return site within the database.

Select 'GO' and the list of sites starting at #1 will be returned.

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# 53 What does consider unique visits, page views, visits and links?

Uniques: A unique visitor is one that visits a site at least once no matter how many times they return and is considered the most telling measure of a site's worth. The number of unique visitors listed by is not the actual number of unique vistiors that went to your website, but rather the number of userse that went to your site in the analysis period. Tracking Web users enables us to develop our "relative" popularity ranking - a statistical determination of how your website compares to others according to unique visits.

Visit: A 'visit' is a trip to a website by an individual. If a visitor comes to your site (a unique visit) looking at various pages, one visit is generated. If they come back several hours later another visit is generated. The number of 'visits' listed by is not the actual number of visits that occurred at your website, but rather the number of 'visits' generated by toolbar users. this data helps us produce a "relative" popularity ranking - a statistical determination of how your website compares to others according to the number of visits your site receives.

Page Views: Page views refer to the number of pages served to the user. If a visitor goes to ten pages, ten page views will be generated. The number of page views listed by is not the actual number of page views that occurred at your website, but rather number of page views generated by toolbar users. Tracking the number of page views served to our users enables us to develop a "relative" popularity ranking - a statistical determination of how your website compares to others according to page view data.

Links: The amount of links on other websites on the Internet that point to a particular web site or online property. About 50% of the top ten search engines factor the number of links into their relevancy algorithms when they rank a web site. Increasing the number of links greatly improves a web site's search result positioning. The number of links listed by may not be the actual number of links pointing o your website, as our system only queries specific search engines. This data is gathered in order to develop your "relative" popularity ranking - the statistical determination of how your website compares to others according to the number of links pointing to your site.

All numbers shown for the above metrics are cumulative for the previous 6 months. Keep in mind that these are not the ACTUAL numbers for the website, but are based on visits from our sample group. We track 200,000+ surfers using our BrowserAccelerator toolbar.

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