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# 103 How do I view the Site Details for a website

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In order to view the Site Details for a website, follow these steps:

1) Visit
2)  Enter the web address in the box:
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Enter a url to see its rank

3) Enter the security code shown and "go"
4) Locate the web address from the list under the column "Domain" and click on "site info".

# 105 Can I search for websites by language? users can search for websites by Language. To do this simply follow the steps below. 

1) Visit
2) Click "View the Rankings" at the top left hand side of the page.
2) Enter the security code and click "go"
4) Click on the "Language" tab at the top of the next page.
5) Choose the language in the scrolling menu box and search for a particular site or view the complete list starting at a specific number.

# 48 Once I narrow it down to the category I want, how do I see all of the sites again?

Just click "View All Categories" above the ranking table to see the complete list of sites within your original query again. To start from the absolute beginning, select the "Go" button next to "View the Complete list starting at number: 1."

# 51 How does order the data? Unique visits, page views, and links? uses proprietary methods to determine how each of the factors affects the overall popularity ranking. Each website listed in the database can be ordered by unique visits, page views, visits and links and will most likely have a unique popularity ranking when ranked according to each variable. For example:

When ordered by visits, Yahoo ranks: 2nd
When ordered by Unique Visitors, Yahoo ranks: 2nd
When ordered by page views, Yahoo ranks: 1st
When ordered by links, Yahoo ranks: 4th users are able to rank sites according to "unique visitors," "visits," "page views" and "links" from the "Order By" fields. Simply choose one of the four options, the starting point (for example - 1000) and select "Go".

# 49 What is the "Similar Sites" function? How do I use it?

The "Similar Sites" function only displays sites that are in the same category as a site you are interested in. Click on the "similar sites" link located to the right of any listing to see how it ranks against other sites in its category.

# 47 How do I use the category search?

Go to and enter the security code, next  select the tab that says "category" from the available options. Enter a word or phrase that properly describes the category of your interest. When the list of categories appear, select the one that most closely matches what you are looking for and click (select) it. This enables you to review sites and their respective rank within specific categories.

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