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# 44 How does the advanced feature work?

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The advanced feature lets you research and compare several domains at once. For example, how compares with in overall popularity metrics .

To use the advanced feature, place each site on a separate line in the text field provided (you may copy and paste from another document) and click "Go."

Only the sites that you enter will be returned and ranked. You are able to compare the sites in your list by  links, and visits. Once the sites you want to see compared are visible and ranked by the metrics important to you, select the "Company" link to display the site owner's name. This is excellent research data for a sales department or for those responsible for building inbound links to a website.

# 102 I was blocked from conducting searches on, how long will this block last ?

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Our system will block users who are conducting multiple queries on in a certain time frame to stop bots or scripts from searching our database.  This block you are receiving was probably caused because you did too many searches in a small time frame.  The block will be removed after 24 hours.  Try again tomorrow, if you are still blocked, please contact us at so that we can assist you.

# 46 I know that the site I am looking for is ranked, but why can't I find it?

If you are unable to locate a site you are certain is listed, it is possible that you typed the domain name incorrectly. Do not enter http://www. or anything after the .com. Enter it in this form:

# 98 How do I search for a particular category of businesses?

From the main page, click on "Rankings" and enter the security code. Next you will click on "category" then you will enter a popular search term to create a list of categories to choose from. Once you select a category, the next page will list ranked websites within that category. At the top of the screen next to the "current category" listed, there is a pull down to select a "sub-category". This allows you to refine your search even further.

Keywords: category, categories, specific business type, niche, sub-category, sub-categories

# 50 How do I gather details about each site such as contact information?

To view contact information and site details for any site appearing at, simply search for that site's domain name and click "GO." The site that you searched for will appear at the top of the list. Just click on the listing, and the site details will appear in a pop-up window.

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# 45 Why can't I log in?

In order to log in, you have to use a graphical browser with cookies enabled in order to enter the security code. If you have cookies disabled in Internet Explorer, it is usually because your security setting is too high--set it to medium. If your cookies are disabled in other browsers, you will have to manually enable them.


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