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# 42 Why is my site no longer ranked? updates its database every month (around the 15th). The data is cumulative from the previous twelve (12) months. Keep in mind that these are not the ACTUAL numbers for the website, but instead are based on visits from our sample group. If your website was not visited in the previous month by one or more of our 200,000+ member sample group using the browser toolbar, your website will not appear on (even if they have visited your website in previous months). In order to continue to appear on, you must maintain the visitor levels of your website, and you must also increase the popularity of your website, especially among BrowserAccelerator users.

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# 100 I have a complaint or would like to post a review about a website. encourages you to submit complaint and positive reviews through the TrustGauge™ Review system. Follow the instructions below to get started. Visit and click on "Review Site Ranking." Enter the security code shown. When you reach the main menu, search for the website in question and select the domain name from the list. A pop-up window will appear which contains the site's info and a link to the "TrustGauge Review and Complaint" system.

Follow the instructions provided and we will forward your review or complaint to the appropriate party.
You can also utilize the Review and Complaint system by downloading the BrowserAccelerator toolbar
BrowserAccelerator provides tools such as search, weather, website info, news and jokes right in your browser. It also provides you with a dictionary, thesaurus and the TrustGauge, which automatically displays the degree of trustworthiness of each, visited or compared site. With BrowserAccelerator, simply visit the website and then click on "Info".  A pop up window will appear with the Sites' information. Simply click on "Reviews & Complaints" to get started.

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# 70 Why is my site ranked differently on Alexa? uses a browser toolbar similar to that of Alexa's to anonymously track the surfing habits of more than 200,000 users. However, our sample set is completely different from Alexa's, and while we try to measure traffic as evenly and as accurately as possible, both our service and that of Alexa's are estimates rather than actual measurements of the traffic of the global Internet as a whole. Therefore, some difference is inevitable between our services.

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# 104 Can I combine the stats for two domains that are virtually the same website? bases its information on unique website *domains* that are visited by surfers. Some surfers visit one site while others visit the other site. These two sites are two distinct records in the  database. At this point there is no way for us to combine both of them into one. 
In addition, we allow seals to be displayed on websites for and our other services.  It would be a breach of security if we allowed one domain's seal to be placed on a different domain.  For this reason, we must keep all domains separate.

# 80 What determines the order of ranking when several hundred sites have the exact same numbers?

The order in which we rank web sites that have the exact same number of unique visitors, visits, page views and links is as follows:

1) The number of visits
2) The number of page views
3) The number of unique visitors
4) The number of links
5) Alphabetically

# 7 Why don't the visits, page views and unique visitors agree with my server logs or hit counter? statistics indicate the number of visits, page views and unique visitors your site receives as determined (performed) by our sample group of users. As a result, the data provided will not coincide with your server logs, third-party hit counters or other similar services. The ranking and statistical information is used to determine a "relative" popularity ranking of your site against the top 1,000,000 websites on the Internet as determined by our users. 

The information provided by should be used as a means to compare your website's popularity with other sites on the Web.


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