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# 33 What is the "Website Trust Score"?

The "Website Trust Score" fields requests information about your site and company that helps determine how trustworthy your site is perceived by surfers. By providing the URLs of Web pages displaying email and postal addresses, phone numbers, privacy statements and secure pages, your site will receive a higher score.

# 88 How many times do I have to enter my 3rd party validation service, into my details page?

In order to receive points for your third party verification service you will only need to submit this information once through the 'Site Details' form. recommends updating this information as needed to reflect current information about your company.

# 30 What are the "Associated Search" terms?

Associated search terms are those key words or key phrases that best describe your site and its products and services. In order of relevancy, enter the eight best terms or phrases surfers would use to find your site. Make sure to be specific since visitors use this information to locate your website! 

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# 84 Your confirmation link doesn't work, what should I do? recommends that you copy and paste the entire URL provided from the email. Be sure to include the first and second line of the URL. If you continue to have difficulty, please contact a member of the Support Staff.

# 31 What are "Adjunct Categories"?

In the "Adjunct Category" field of the modification form enter up to five categories of sites similar in scope but adjunct or related to your own. For example, if you are selling flowers, enter a greeting card category into this part of the form. Simply follow steps 1 through 3 in the "Modify Category" section to find categories complimentary to your type of organization.

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# 32 What are "Search Terms Unique to Your Site"?

The "Search Terms Unique to Your Site" field in the modification form is for keywords or key phrases that are relevant solely to your site or company. In the available fields, enter any term(s) that describe your site and its products and services uniquely; such as the name of your company, the name of your founder, or the brand name of your product.

keywords: unique search terms, search terms, keywords


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